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Themed card sets to help bloggers and online creatives at different stages of their business adventure to promote their brand and connect with others.

Newbie Bloggers Set

Newbie bloggers of the world, unite!

It can be so incredibly exciting to start out in the blogosphere or to finally start creating your very own online business, but it can also feel super daunting with so many things we *should* be doing to grow our following - blog posting, guest posting, list building, social media engagement, promotion, launching, networking, podcasts, webinars etc. etc. etc. - ARGH!

Rather than feeling overwhelmed, the Newbie Bloggers Shout Out Cards can give you a helping hand to get your content out there and put your brand in front of others. Grow your list and build your community using Shout Out Cards.

  • Promote and shout out to your friends and online buddies. Share the cool stuff they're putting out there.
  • Get noticed by your online heroes by making genuine connections - and really, being genuine is the best way to be.
  • Celebrate your wins and milestones in a fun way - without looking or feeling like a jerk.

These printable Newbie Bloggers cards have sixteen unique designs

Each card in the set comes in three different colour schemes and three different sizes

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  • Full colour, black and white and colouring-in versions

  • Small, Medium and large sizes 

  • Available in A4 and US Letter Sizing

That's a total of 144 cards in the set!