FREEBIE Shout Out Cards

Try out these cards (fo' free!) as a playful way to connect to your online heroes, shout out to your buddies and do a bit of non-sleazy self promotion.

Shout out cards: printable tools to help you boost your engagement online, and grow your following

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Shout out to your friends and online heroes, and do a sneaky bit of self-promotion - without the ick-factor.

Make sure you use #shoutoutcards to get your posts (and business!) noticed by the Shout Out Card community.

With three bold designs, these cards can be used as creative prompts in your social media posts.

Available in three different colour formats and three different sizes, see how you can tailor them to your unique brand.

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Add a pop of colour and fun to your social media posts with these vibrant cards

Black and white:

Keep it nice and neutral with these black and white designs


Customise the card by adding your branding colours.

Take a few minutes to chill out while still, like, totally working on your business. Um, hello, I'm working here!

Get your freebies, here!